Five essential tips for ordering custom hoodies

custom hoodies

Published on : 26 August 20214 min reading time

Whether family or marketing, cool hoodies always look nice for almost every type of occasion. Regardless of the occasion that you intend to use them for, you have to make sure that they not only look great but also look appropriate for the purpose. For instance, if you’re looking for versatility, you can opt to order Japanese hoodies with anime or samurai designs.

Whereas style and comfort are the basic factors to consider when choosing custom hoodies, the hoodies must also have the appropriate design. Bear in mind these factors when placing an order for cool hoodies because you would like the audience to wear them rather than stuffing them in their closets.

This article aims at informing you of 5 crucial tips that you can use when ordering custom hoodies.

1. Choose your preferred style

The two major styles of custom hoodies are pullovers and full-zip hoodies. From their names, you can figure out how they’re worn. Both of these styles are popular and have their benefits and drawbacks. Pullover hoodies offer additional warmth and are simpler to customize because the whole chest area can be used to print your text or design.

Full-zip hoodies are identical to jackets. They are also more fashionable. Their benefit is that you can regulate the temperature – unzip when it gets warm and zip when it gets cold. Their main problem is that the zippers prevent printing on the chest area. Besides styles, you should also pick the appropriate fabric for your hoodie.

2. Focus on size and design

Just like sweatshirt printing, when it comes to hoodies, simplicity is the best way to choose a design. Although colors such as navy blue, black, maroon, and grey have dominated hoodie colors, you can pick the colors according to your preference but ensure that you carefully consider the wearability factor.

As for size, some people like to wear plus sizer hoodies. If you intend to customize hoodies for a family event, you can consider consulting the individuals on their size and preferences. If the hoodies are for a company, then you should order various sizes.

3. Pick the printing on the custom hoodie

When ordering custom hoodies, the placement of the design is a significant factor to consider. Popular print locations include the back, hood, pockets, sleeves, and chest area. However, you can choose a different location depending on your taste. The main thing here is to keep it simple and classy.

In zipper hoodies, the print area is limited because you cannot print across the front. However, if you want your design to show on the entire chest area, you should choose a design that leaves a gap in the center. In pullover hoodies, note your design’s size and make sure that it will not fall on the hoodie’s pockets.

4. Choose a printing method that is ideal for your custom hoodie

There are several options of printing that are available in the market today. They include:

  • Heat transfer
  • Dye sublimation
  • Direct to garment
  • Embroidery
  • Screen printing

Not all options of printing are suitable for all fabrics and you need to confirm with the printing company which printing type to go for. The type of printing will also be determined by your design.

Embroidered designs look classy on hoodies but tend to be more costly. If you have a simple design, embroidery would be the best option as long as your fabric is thick. Screen printing is the most popular because it offers myriads of options and can be printed on the majority of fabrics.

5. Choose the appropriate printing company

Here, you must choose a reliable and honest printing company that can deliver the custom hoodies in time and provide your preferred design. Choose a company that has reasonable experience in printing and one that will offer several options for you to choose from.

The printing company should not only provide fabric variations and style but they should also work with you in choosing the design. A great printing company can help you to decide which styles, sizes, and color combinations to go for and also provide design services if required.

Wrapping it Up

Custom hoodies are fashionable, fun, and functional but only if you choose the right design and comfort. Invest some time and energy in ordering the best hoodies and you could have a winner in your hands. Also, keep in mind that choosing the right printing company will simply your job further. Therefore, follow the tips mentioned above and you could get custom hoodies that your target audience will highly appreciate!

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