hanging clock

What do you call a hanging clock?

A hanging clock is called a wall clock or pendulum clock. It is called a pendulum clock because it uses a pendulum and uses a swinging weight, for it is an element that keeps time. Apart from their capability of…

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Yves Brayer

Yves Brayer, between Provence and Paris

He was a French painter who was popularly known for his everyday paintings. After living in Spain, Morocco, and Italy, he finally settled in Provence. His main focus was on the traditional figurative, enhanced by his vision. He was a…

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How to estimate the value of a piece of art directly online?

Whether it’s an inheritance from a grandparent, a sculpture, a painting, ceramics or any other work of art, you may want to buy it, you may want to auction off the one you have, or you may just want to…

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