What do you call a hanging clock?

hanging clock

Published on : 16 March 20225 min reading time

A hanging clock is called a wall clock or pendulum clock. It is called a pendulum clock because it uses a pendulum and uses a swinging weight, for it is an element that keeps time. Apart from their capability of showing time, they’re also kept in the house for decorating purposes and antique value.The main advantage of timekeeping pendulum clocks is that they are harmonic oscillators. This means that the clocks swing back and forth within a precise interval, depending on their length. The clock resists swinging at some other rates.

Pendulum clocks are among the known ancient clocks. To get more remarkable, beautiful, and many different designed pendulum clocks, you can visit lapendulerie.com. Apart from pendulum clocks, they are also popularly known for making other different types of hanging clocks, including vintage wall clocks and antique wall clocks.

Why They Are Called Hanging Clocks

They are called hanging clocks because they hang from the wall, hence the name wall clocks. They are fixed on something like a screw or just another strong hanger mounted on the wall and then allowed to hang from the wall. Most wall clocks are ancient or analog clocks. Analog clocks work with moving hands that show time as they rotate around the clock.

The wall clocks or hanging clocks use roman numerals or Arabic numbers depending on the creator. Therefore, you can choose the type of clock you want according to which format you will find easy to use.

The Vintage Wall Clocks

As the name suggests, they are ancient clocks hung on the wall. Examples of wall hanging pendulum clocks or vintage wall clocks are the pendulum, cuckoo, grandfather, and station clocks.

Pendulum clocks work on a mechanism that triggers its pendulum to swing at a given constant period. Traditionally, the swinging was fulfilled by the weight of the clocks or springs. Electricity has been used to power and swing the pendulum in recent days.

Another example of a vintage wall clock is the grandfather clock. These clocks have a tall pendulum that is enclosed with a wooden case that stands above the floor and hangs downwards from the wall. Grandfather clocks were invented after forming the early pendulum clock that was found to have a lot of weight to hang on the wall. Grandfather clocks were developed to support the heavier mechanism of the pendulum clocks.

Station clocks are found at different stations such as railway or bus stations. They are large clocks to display time from a far distance and showtime to many people at the same time. It is hung from a building wall that is not too long to make the angle convenient for people to read the time without straining.

A cuckoo clock is a kind of pendulum clock and is also hung from the wall. The difference it has with the pendulum clock is that it produces a sound like that of a typical cuckoo call as it strikes the hours. It has a bird that is automated and moves with every note. Some are automated to move their wings or close the beaks as they lean forward.

Antique Wall Clocks

They are also ancient clocks that also hang from the wall. Unlike the pendulum clocks, which are big, these wall clocks are relatively small.

An example is the antique mantel clocks. These clocks do not have carrying handles, which is one reason why they are not big compared to the other clocks of the same size. A small screw or nail can be put on the wall to hold the clock. Mantel clocks can also be placed on the shelves or above the fireplace, just like the bracket clock, which is a small weight-driven pendulum. Grandfather clocks can also fit in the antique wall clocks category.

Importance of Hanging Clocks

Hanging clocks are wall clocks in other names. Wall clocks are helpful to everyone because they help you accomplish your day-to-day activities within the scheduled time. Everyone is dependent on clocks because they enable us to manage our lives. Without clocks, everything would not be running smoothly.

Wall clocks are essential because you don’t have to look for the clock since it is always kept at a constant place to know what time it is. You just have to raise your head, and towards the direction, the clock is placed and just find out what time it is.

You also don’t have to switch on the wall clock, unlike other gadgets that display time. It is always showing time throughout. The wall clock should mainly be kept in the main house where you’ll find yourself most of the time, for example, the bedroom or living room. Keeping the wall clock in the central room is important because everyone has access thus you all will be on time for all activities.

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