How do I get a degree in dermopigmentation?

You want to become an expert in permanent makeup? To master all the techniques, training is essential. But how do you choose your training center?

What is the interest of following a training course?

The training is intended for beginners wishing to learn the different dermopigmentation techniques and for professionals wishing to perfect their skills. Moreover, it is an obligatory step if you plan to make a career in the field. It should also be noted that the major beauty institutes only recruit qualified candidates. The training courses are personalized. The objective? To learn dermopigmentation in the best conditions and master the handling of the equipment. The main areas concerned are: lips, eyebrows, eye contour, breast areola, scars and baldness. In short, by following a training in a good school, the student will be able to achieve wonders, i.e. to enhance or correct certain parts of the face or body. At the end of the training, he will receive a diploma. He will therefore be immediately operational and will be able to perform any type of dermopigmentation. He will also be able to advise clients on the care to adopt in order to extend the life of permanent make-up.

But which school to choose?

It is true that dermopigmentation training organizations are swarming in France and we no longer know which one to choose. To guarantee you a quality training, choose specialized schools. Courses are given by experts and experienced beauticians who pass on their know-how and knowledge to apprentices with greater ease. The choice of school is based on several criteria: The reputation of the school: it is best to turn to schools that have already acquired a good reputation in the sector. This is a guarantee of professionalism The efficiency of the teachers: look at the CVs of the trainers. Very specific experience in terms of permanent make-up is required. Indeed, experience guarantees their efficiency The duration of the training: to learn the basics about permanent make-up, at least a training of 5 successive days should be planned The price: the cost of the training can vary from simple to double. Thus, before taking a decision, put the training centres in competition with each other. Finally, give preference to a school that awards a diploma at the end of the training. Beware! For some schools, the material is included in the price, for others, you would have to buy everything you need yourself. In order to avoid unpleasant surprises, inform yourself about everything that is taken care of by the school.

How does the training course take place?

You have the choice between the beginner's module (to access the profession) and the advanced and corrective training. In general, the training takes place from Monday to Friday and is divided into two parts:

The theory

You will learn the basic principles of make-up and the theory of hygiene, the reflexes to have, the gestures to avoid and the means to implement for an irreproachable hygiene. The trainer will also guide you in the choice of needles, tips and products. Also, during the course, he will discuss colorimetry, so that you can help your clients select the natural colors best suited to their pretty faces.

And the practice

You will apply everything you have learned in theory to familiarize yourself with the techniques of dermopigmentation: the choice and preparation of equipment, the use, adjustment and repair of equipment, the realization of tracings according to the shape of the face and the area concerned, etc. Note: Training sessions are in groups. However, it is possible to opt for a private session if necessary.
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