Offering roses to your lover: which roses to choose?

Published on : 07 April 20223 min reading time

There are flowers that you can give as a gift to the one you love. You can refer to her preference, but if she doesn’t have one, it’s up to you to choose. The rose is used in various occasions such as different kinds of animation (thanks to its perfume, it marks the drunkenness and joy of banquets or serves to congratulate soldiers returning from war), religious ceremonies (to honour the dead), … it represents many things in all areas of life. The rose is a powerful and fragile flower at the same time. Giving a rose to someone shows the love you feel for that person. There are many varieties of roses and each colour has its own meaning.

The red rose marks love

Once a year, you can offer a flower like the red rose to the one you love, to the one you love. To do so, Valentine’s Day is a great occasion, Prince Charming gives a rose to his beloved. This red colour marks love. The number of roses depends on who is giving it, some give a single red rose while others offer a pretty bouquet of red roses. Apart from love, the red rose has other meanings: a red rose to show love at first sight, two red roses to ask for forgiveness, etc.

The white rose expresses the purity of feelings towards a person

Apart from red roses, there are other colours of pink such as white roses. The latter also has meanings like the meaning of red roses. This flower can be offered to newlyweds who have just celebrated their wedding to congratulate them. It can also be given to someone who wants to start a new beginning in their life. If you like someone or you want to express pure feelings, you can give them a white rose to show it. It is also possible to offer a bouquet of white roses like the bouquets of red roses above. The number of flowers always counts no matter what the color, like offering a bouquet of 36 white or pink roses marks the engagement proposal.

Other rose colours and their meaning

The yellow rose expresses a friendly relationship, you can give it to a friend. It can also mark a request for an apology to your lover if you have made a mistake, to be accompanied by a little word or message. The meaning of the red rose is the best known because it is the most widely used of the rose varieties, but each colour has its own meaning. There are other colours of roses such as the orange rose, for a person you are courting or whom you desire or admire; the pink rose to show your affection towards a person; the blue rose which evokes youth and to wish for the fulfilment of all wishes; etc. It is possible to mix varieties of roses if the person does not have a preference for a single colour.

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