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Published on : 07 April 20224 min reading time

In order to maximise a company’s visibility, we must not skimp on resources. In today’s companies, a substantial budget is allocated to the marketing department. In fact, no matter the field in which the company evolves, making itself known and being known is an ultimate goal. It is indeed a prerequisite to gain access to a market share or to increase the market in which the company operates.

Definition of the advertising object

Promotional items or goodies, also known as corporate gifts, are objects offered to the clients or users of a company to advertise themselves. Increasingly used, they are everyday objects, created to promote themselves to customers.

For some time now, several companies have specialized in the making and creation of personalized and customizable objects. The most classic objects are office supplies, such as pens, notepads, agendas and other products categorized as stationery. The advertising pen is a timeless classic.

We can also find the various promotional items categorized as containers, such as mugs, cotton bags, cups, water bottles, etc. They are essential everyday objects and are designed to advertise in public places with high traffic.

Recently, however, a so-called high-tech category of advertising objects has emerged. One example is the advertising USB flash drive, or the advertising pedometer. Connected objects are increasingly in vogue among young and old alike, so we shouldn’t hesitate to use them.

Categorization and types of advertising objects

From the simplest to the most sophisticated objects, everything is possible when it comes to corporate gifts.

First of all, there is the office and stationery category. These are agendas, notepads, pens, pencils, and other means of taking notes and writing.

There are also everyday items such as key rings, cotton bags, mugs, water bottles, or other accessories that can be personalized or stamped with the company’s logo.

For special customers, there are also filled baskets or special packs that can be ordered. For banks, this can include a basket with card holders, cheque holders, pens, or diaries.

Finally, there are the various connected and high-tech objects, such as USB keys, which are very useful for storing data. Connected objects such as headphones (simple, or Bluetooth), pedometers, connected watches, or even the various accessories for protecting high-tech devices such as shells and other types of customizable covers are also important advertising objects.

Why invest in promotional items

Promotional items are now the most widely used means of digging into the hearts and minds of its customers. Discounts and other rebates are still in place. But all competitors can do the same. Offering personalized gift items, everyday objects, equipment that we often use to our customers or users is an easy way to remind them of their good memories.

In addition, goodies are a way to make yourself known quickly. Investing in promotional items such as bags, diaries, pens, notepads, key rings, etc. is a sure way to advertise, as these are objects that are commonly used in busy places. In fact, using a pen bearing the effigy of a company in a bank or other public place where it is likely to be borrowed is advertising.

And there is also the act of remembering a customer. Offering gifts to a customer means building loyalty: whether it’s a gift in the form of a discount or rebate, or a physical gift such as promotional items that will be used on a daily basis.

The advantage of buying promotional items online

First of all, buying online allows you to save a considerable amount of time. Indeed, instead of canvassing in shops or companies specialising in the manufacture of promotional items, it only takes a few clicks to make your selection. Online, the various companies specialising in customisable objects compete with each other and compete for market share through promotion and creativity. Buying online allows you to see the different promotions without having to go anywhere.

As for the choice, it only takes a few clicks to find the item you need in the colour you want. In addition, sales representatives are visible on the sites so that you can fine-tune your choices and integrate the logos, or other emblems, quotes that characterize your company.

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