Semi-precious stones and their properties

While in general two types of jewellery dominate, namely gemstones and costume jewellery, another intermediate type of jewellery has burst onto the market. These are semi-precious stones. More than a fashion, these stones are not only chosen for their beauty, but also for their ability to treat diseases thanks to their many virtues.

The treatment of diseases with stones: lithotherapy

Lithotherapy is an unconventional medicine which consists in curing diseases through stones and which considers man not only on a physical level, but also on a spiritual and psychic level. It derives its definition from the Greek words "lithos" or stone and "therapia" or cure. Lithotherapy celebrates the properties of stones and their ability to bring balance and harmony. Indeed, some people believe that stones produce vibrations that help eliminate not only physical but also psychological stress when worn as a pendant or placed on the body, and treat the organs to which they are connected. Practitioners believe that the stones have therapeutic virtues. As there are many kinds, the effects they can produce also vary: the power to calm, balance, soothe, ... They must be chosen carefully and it is advisable to purify and recharge them by putting them in the sun or on a heap of quartz. The stones are generally placed on the body and emit vibrations that can act on the body and the psyche of the person in contact with it or nearby by regenerating and rebalancing the whole being.

The stones outside the sessions: essential accessories

Apart from lithotherapy sessions, semi-precious stones can also be worn as jewellery: rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, earrings... They can also be scattered in the living room as decoration: eggs, spheres, clocks, ...

Where to get semi-precious stones

Many people have been convinced by the power of stones and have embarked on a creative career by offering a line of jewellery, accessories, and even decorative objects made from fine stones. But it is certain that you will find a rich catalog of jewelry and accessories on the web: rings, necklaces, pendants, but also rough stones and polished stones to be arranged around the house. In the same vein, some shops specializing in all that is spiritual offer various articles of lithotherapy in various forms. Other shops offer a lithotherapy pack with a chance pouch, happiness pouch, anti-stress, with the stones corresponding to each situation and each case. For those interested in this ancient form of medicine, there are many specialists. The stones are not only more affordable than precious stones, but they are also pleasing to the eye and provide well-being to those who wear them. The history of semi-precious stones Lithotherapy first appeared in ancient Egypt, but documents also date back to traditional Chinese medicine five thousand years ago. The virtues of the stones are proclaimed there. The Aztecs placed them on different parts of the body depending on the problem after having shaped them into jewellery. In the Middle Ages, alchemists used them to cure diseases by following the law of similitude. In 1644, Emperor Rudolph II's doctor published a 750-page book in which he discussed, among other things, the medical properties of stones. In 1748, the chemist of Louis XIV, Nicolas Lemery shared in his book "La chimie et la pharmacopée de Lémery" the virtues of stones. However, the use of stones for medical reasons dates back to prehistory. They were then used as powders, elixirs or worn. Prehistoric peoples already believed in the power of stones. In addition to their ability to increase their strength, longevity and fertility, they believed in their ability to protect them from evil spirits. Different stones and their uses Also called natural stones, minerals, gems or fine stones, there is a complete list of semi-precious stones published in 1970 by the CIBJO in Zurich. The most famous gemstone, amethyst, is at the height of its beauty under a soft and natural light. It is distinguished by its violet colour, but can be crystalline or opaque. It is a dichroic stone, which changes colour depending on the angle. Amethyst is best known as a protective stone. It purifies the mind and releases negative thoughts including stress and anxiety. This is why many people use it during meditation. That's why it allows depressed people to free themselves from the endless cycle of their thoughts. The properties of amethyst are especially useful for work-related stress because the stone is also associated with abundance. It relieves stress while releasing prosperity. Its properties facilitate intuition and communication. Topaz is allochromatic, which means that its colour is caused by the infiltration of foreign products. Usually blue, the presence of these foreign products will give rise to other colours such as pink, purple or red. The properties of topaz vary according to its colour: blue topaz, for example, promotes sleep and relaxes the nerves while golden topaz stimulates the intellect, gives courage, brings joy of life. Turquoise is probably the oldest of the stones. It is the talisman of kings, shamans and warriors. Introduced in Europe during the crusades, turquoise is prized throughout history for its resistance and opacity, while remaining smooth and pleasing to the eye thanks to its blue-green colour. It is the stone of self-forgiveness, self-acceptance and liberation from unnecessary regret. It encourages a person to honour themselves and is particularly useful against fatigue, depression and anxiety attacks. Turquoise increases the autoimmune capacity whether physical or psychic. Prehnite is composed of calcium and aluminium sorosilicate. It is considered a gem that can replace jade and can take several colors: white, yellow, green, gray or colorless. Prehnite is the stone of unconditional love and the crystal that heals the healer. It accentuates the precaution and allows its wearer to be always ready. Calming the environment, it brings peace, protection and teaches harmony with nature. Moonstone is the talisman of the inner journey: diving into oneself to find what is missing, the part of the soul forgotten and then brought back to light. Colourless, it presents reflections that can go from white to blue. It helps with gardening, dieting, meditation and increases a person's ability to calm down and relax so as not to be overwhelmed by emotions. Moonstone elixir was originally used to treat insomnia. Placed under the pillow, the stone allows a better sleep, avoids sleepwalking and cures insomnia if used with amethyst. Aquamarine evokes the purity and clarity of water as well as the calm of the ocean. It is a calming, relaxing and purifying stone that inspires truth, honesty and forgiveness. In the past, it was considered the treasure of mermaids and was used by sailors to lend them courage, protection and luck. Today, it is worn during sea voyages. Aquamarine helps to overcome the fear of speaking out. It is an ideal stone for teachers and public speakers. It relaxes the speaker and allows them to articulate better, with clarity and conviction. It enhances the ability to reason and increases the ability to respond and react to complex situations. The person who wears it will be invincible through knowledge not only of the physical world, but also of his knowledge of himself. It provides discipline and perseverance. Called the stabilizer, agate is the ideal stone when you need stability in your life. Agate has a natural beauty that comes in many colours: white, purple, grey, yellow, pink, red and brown. It stabilizes and purifies the aura and transforms negativity, increases mental function, improves concentration, perception and analytical skills. It calms and soothes, heals tension and anger, and creates a feeling of security. Lapis lazuli is one of the most prized stones. Deep blue in colour, it is formed by several minerals: lazurite, sodalite and calcite. It is a stone that is ideal for journalists and psychologists because it stimulates wisdom and the ability to judge. It enhances the intellectual analysis of historians, the reasoning ability of lawyers and stimulates the creativity of inventors and writers.
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