Can I use my personal car insurance for rental car?

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If you are driving in a rental car and get into an accident, most carriers will not cover it if they do not consider the rental vehicle as being owned or leased by the policyholder. Some carriers may require that the person receiving coverage or their auto club must have published proof of ownership to insure rentals.

If you are the policyholder renting or leasing a car and have collision coverage, the rental company will be required to pay off your claim. If the car is covered by both your personal and rental insurance, there will not be any money left for you to receive if you get in an accident.

You should check the terms of your personal policy to see if there is an exclusion for accidents that are not considered rentals. If you have personal liability coverage as well, it will be important to check with your personal insurance to see what their policy states regarding this situation.

If you have an accident in a rental car and your insurer finds out that you did not have collision coverage on the vehicle, they may make a claim against your policy for damages to the rented vehicle. If you decide to double cover the vehicle by purchasing collision coverage from the rental company, this will protect you from having any claims made against your insurer.

For rental cars, it is advisable to buy car rental excess insurance. You may be asking yourself, is car hire excess insurance worthwhile? Do I need excess protection car hire?

Annual is worth your money if your main worry is about is it worth buying car hire excess insurance. Let's now look into car hire excess insurance compare.

About car hire excess insurance

Car hire excessive insurance provides you with the confidence that your car rental payment will be covered if there is an accident or other car rental occurrence.

It is a guarantee that you will not be forced to pay the full amount if there are damages to the vehicle; this can be very helpful if you do not have enough cash on hand to cover the costs of damages.

For example, car hire excess protection gives you protection against all damages, whether the cause is theft or any other deductibles incident where possible. It will also cover claims from accidental damage and the costs that arise from vandalism.

Things to consider when buying car hire excess insurance

One big thing about car hire excess insurance compare is that it does not only provide you with peace of mind, but it also saves you a lot of money; this applies if you are a frequent traveler and have plans to fly to several countries, this policy can be really helpful since it is cost-effective. One example is if you have plans to rent a few cars during your travels, and if there are car accidents that occur, you will be assured that your costs will be covered and, in return, will save you money.

Another thing is that this policy also gives you protection from damages to the rental vehicle when it is parked. Suppose there were cases where the rental car was to get into an accident when parked due to other reasons, for instance, weather or other road conditions. In that case, the company does not provide any protection against these occurrences.


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