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Published on : 05 May 20223 min reading time

An ampoule is a sealed vial designed to preserve and contain samples in liquid or solid form. They are mostly made of glass because glasses are not only descent in nature but also do not cause any pollution to the environment because they are recyclable. In addition, when using glass ampoule the material is in direct contact with the current ingredient and as a result, proves that this glass package is non-toxic and fully premium. Today’s ampoules are used in containing chemicals and pharmaceutical products which require protection from air and other contaminations.

1. Double tip ampoule

The double-tip ampoule is designed to solve drinking solutions. With a double tip glass ampoule, you’ve guaranteed yourself the right amount of dose every time you decide to take your medication. It is perfectly enclosed requiring an extra filling cost, but thanks to the invention made by SFAM in creating a vacuum suction processor that makes approximately five hundred ampoule fillings simultaneously. On a normal day, over thirty-seven thousand ampoules can be filled every hour. Double-tip ampoules are mostly adapted to sectors like;
• Para pharmacy and pharmacy.
• Nutricosmetics.
• Oligo therapy and other involved therapies.
• Food supplements.
Features of a double-tip ampoule.
• Made from glass material.
All glass ampoules and glass containers in stock are available in clear, amber or yellow glass. Designed with FIOLAX (Type 1) or ILLAX type 3, they are supplied by the German group Schott, a leading producer of pharmaceutical glasses and also the inventors of borosilicate glasses. This glass material offers extremely high resistance to most chemicals (minimal interactions) and high temperatures. This makes it most favourite when dealing with products that are highly active like medicinal drugs.

• It’s capacity.
Even though capacities vary in accordance with what the client has requested, the ampoule’s capacity varies from around 1ml to 20ml.

2. Double-tip crushable ampoules

Ever since the world-leading producer of glow sticks partnered with SFAM in producing a new design that has hit the market with a storm. The crushable ampoule involves;
• A plastic tube encloses the double-tip vessel with the active product frequently in liquid form.

• Also present is another liquid active ingredient.

• When a person in use decides to put pressure on the tube by pressing it, the ampoule holding the foreign ingredients breaks and allows the active ingredient out and as a result, it mixes with the other product causing emission of light.

This crushable double-tip ampoule can be used in most field areas, especially when combined with elements like pens, tubes and syringes. Some of these field areas with much interest in it include;
1. Cosmetics
2. Industrial usage
3. Dental and medical use
4. Veterinarian.

Final thoughts

Apart from this project, there’re also many projects yet to be finalized with ampoules being highly involved. Inventions keep making our world a better place and some of these projects include;
• A manufacturer of medical devices tends to use ampoules to release and store injectable products inside one of his handheld devices.

• A manufacturer of adhesiveness of skin would like to use ampoules to release and store most of their products using a special application.

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