How to create a customer experience strategy

customer experience strategy

Published on : 07 April 20225 min reading time

According to different research, customers are willing to spend more to get a better experience. Also, companies can increase their annual earnings by millions if they invest in improving CX. PXM will help increase your sales through product experience customisation, similar to product information management. For more information about PXM, visit

Organisations that have implemented CX strategy successfully have increased revenue, reduced customer churn, and higher customer satisfaction rates. Are you ready to increase your company’s investments? Improve CX!

How to define customer experience

CX can be defined by experiences and interactions that your customers have from the first time you met to become loyal and happy customers with your business.

CX is an important part of customer relationship management. It ensures that customers who are happy or have a positive experience with your products and services become loyal and repeat client. According to studies, CX makes customers more willing to do business with you repetitively. Therefore, invest in your customers’ experience to make them loyal.

6 Ways of creating CX strategy

Below are some simple ways to create a CX strategy to increase revenue, reduce churn and improve customer satisfaction.

Understanding who are your customers first

The first thing to do is to bring together all your customers. Your company should be able to empathise and connect with different situations your customers face if you want to fully understand customers’ wants and needs. The first way of doing this is to categorise your customers and develop customer profiles. If possible, give every profile a personality and name.

Your customer support team or information system can identify each customer and understand them even better. Creating personas is a very important element in the journey of becoming a customer-centric company.

Developing a clear customer-focused experience vision

This is an important step in creating a strategy that makes it easy to communicate with your company. A simple way of creating a customer-focused experience vision is to develop statements to act like guiding principles.

The already set principles will be responsible for driving your organisation’s behaviours. Therefore, ensure that all your team members understand these principles through training and development programs.

Have an emotions connection with customer

What you say doesn’t matter, but how you say it does! You will have the best CX when one of your team members has developed an emotional connection with customers. Based on research, 50% and above of experience results from an emotional connection. Emotion will shape your organisation’s attitude toward making decisions.

Customers are loyal when they are emotionally connected and attached to your organisation. Therefore, they will remember the feeling of using your services or products and want more from you. A company that optimises its emotional connection with customers will outperform better than their competitors.

Deal with customer feedbacks

How will you know you are delivering the best experience to your customers? You should ideally ask by capturing your customers’ feedback in real-time. You can use live chat tools to communicate with your customers and follow-ups using similar CX tools and post-interaction surveys.

Using PIM and making outbound sales calls is vital to have more insightful feedback. Also, it is important to have a particular customer support agent working on specific customer feedback to show what difference they make to the organisation.

Developing your team using quality framework

By now, you know how your customers react to the quality of services and the CX principle you have set. The next thing is to train your customer support team individually. Start with an email and phone communication assessment.

However, the quality framework you have put into place will take things further by tracking and scheduling your team’s development through E-learning, group training, and coaching.

Be serious with regular employee feedback

Most companies set aside a day every year to go through the overall feedback from the employees across the organisation. They address issues from the ability to deliver exceptional services to how engaged and busy they are.

Employ the use of tools that make it easy for employees to share ideas on improving CX and for managers to interact with team members and see how they feel about the business.

In a nutshell

Now customer satisfaction is expected to be higher than ever. Customers are becoming more empowered hence the need for the best CX strategy. CX is an area in the organisation that needs constant care and nurturing, focusing on strategies to increase your company’s revenue growth, retention, and loyalty.

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