The healing properties of amber stone in a nutshell

amber stone

Ambers are among the most popular litho therapy minerals that exist as more than just a jewellery piece. It not only gives you a warm and lovely look but also stands as a powerful natural mineral. However, it is not a rock but exists as a fossilized resin from pine trees and sold as a gemstone by reputable websites such as It aids in balancing emotions, clearing the mind, and releasing negative energy.

Most people often mistake this lithotherapy product to be a hardened tree sap. The truth of the matter is, it is not. Although both resin and sap exist as liquid substances that come from plants and trees, their differences are vast. For instance, tree sap is a raw food product like maple syrup. On the contrary, resin comes as a non-food liquid. Plus, the tree sap has water and sugar, while resin acts as a sticky substance to make perfumes, varnishes, lacquer, and others.

The History of Ambers

While Baltic natural crystal is famously known, its history involves plenty of countries and cultures. Archaeologists first discovered many elegantly carved pieces in graves back before 2000B.C. The archaeological findings have placed this stone’s age 30 to 90 million years.

The artefacts and jewellery have now been spotted in plenty of regions. Typically, part of its use is attributed to its exceptional beauty and therapeutic properties. This gem has stood out as powerful from the records, as it has been used ever since ancient times.

Curative Properties of this golden-yellow gem

Psychic protection

Noticeable with its famous golden yellow resin appearance and it gives incredible lithotherapy properties that involve protection against any kind of negativity. Some people know it to be the best natural crystals that play a more prominent role in giving protection from psychic attack.

Links body to spiritual life

Besides that, these stones offer a vital link between oneself and spiritual self. In short, it provides tons of excellent qualities for curing both the physical and emotional body.

Gets rid of anxiety and pain

This golden yellow stone help in relieving stress and anxiety. Also, it helps clear out depression. By doing so, it helps to enhance emotions. The alleviation of negative energy and stress helps balance emotions while clearing out the mind, which improves one’s mood.

Emotions healer

By providing emotional remedies to exhaustion, it aids in creating a more pleasing appearance on life. Interestingly, their role within sacral chakra makes it durable and promotes your creativity.

Comforter and blood cleanser

Referred to as a natural solar crystal, this piece gives a warm feeling which, makes you feel comfortable in the hand as you use it for therapeutic purposes. It has a lovely smooth wand carvings ideal for use by alchemical healers. Other than that, it is a potent healer and cleanser of blood for a healthy living.

Relives joint pains and revives body tissues

This fantastic piece of gemstone offers a lasting therapeutic solution if you are experiencing pain or tension in joints and ligaments. It moves energy around the body to give excellent pain relief. It also promotes body tissue revitalization; hence, making it a perfect piece of jewellery that you can carry around in your pockets.

Other health benefits

It’s one of the best magical virtues, and a natural crystal piece of jewellery to put on, whether during or after an illness. It also supports the clearing of issues related to navel chakra and draws away physical ailments in the stomach regions.

More importantly, it comes in colour range from pale yellow to dark browns. You may also find them in green, reddish, blackish, and blue forms. Each colour has its unique role geared to healing your health problems.

They are as follows;


• Offers protection against psychic vampires and psychic attacks.

• It also boasts of a grounding and transformative energy.


• Gives peace, enhance self-love and acceptance.

• Acts as a litho therapy product that promotes repair to the damaged auric field.

• It initiates karmic release and emotional soothing functions.


• It can work as an amulet in performing fertility rituals

• Also, it helps to stimulate sexual desires and prompts orgasm.


• Offers a sense of sweetness to an individual’s life.

• It provides clarity to your life pursuits and helps in letting go of processes, which allows spirits to smoothen your way through rough patches.


• It acts as a motivator that guides you along your life path.

• It aids in dissolving any blocks hindering your spiritual growth.

• Helps in grounding and purifying.


• Baltic-made necklaces are worn around the necks by babies to offer natural pain relief from teething symptoms. This works due to the existence of oils from fossilized tree resin, penetrating the skin to create a calming effect.

While the Baltic necklaces offer such incredible therapeutic benefits to babies, you should be very cautious when using it. If left unattended, the choking hazards of its pieces may cause severe health problems for babies. Therefore, it is essential not to leave the necklace on babies when sleeping.

The role of insects or bugs in natural Stones

Usually, numerous artefacts made of this golden-yellow product had insects or bugs inside them. Finding such gems in the jewellery market is pretty straightforward because the insects and bugs trapped within this mineral are visible and gives a fantastic look.

In the past, pieces that had insects were thought to possess magical virtues and therefore, they were carved to hunting talismans. As such, they were worn to ensure safety and abundant hunting.

Besides having insects, you may also find fascinating things like small bugs, ants, spiders, or dragonflies trapped in the natural crystal pieces. Additionally, the resin may contain other natural elements such as leaves or other plant-based materials embedded inside the gem. You may also notice that others have parts of ancient trees like leaf moulds, and pine needles.

Origin of Ambers

The ancient Greeks referred to it as “elektron” due to the electric charge it gives when rubbed. As a result, this is thought to have been the origin of the word electricity. Whenever an individual searches for the source of this powerful gemstone, the search results go back millions of years.

The most common places where these precious stones have existed for a long time and in massive amounts are the Baltic regions. In about 45million years ago, pine trees in the Baltic areas and Scandinavian countries discharged resins. Over time, the resins from the trees solidified and later on became fossilized, to form the golden yellow crystal.

What makes this powerful gem?

Tons of users ask plenty of questions about the constituents they possess that give it exceptional healing power. As we have seen in its origin, the solidification of resin to rocks took millions of years. So, its chief source is the resin oil produced by ancient pine trees in forests.

Over time, the resin got deposited close to the coastal regions and even further. This led to their deposition in the sea bottoms where they underwent fossilization. The effect of glaciation resulted in the movement and deposition of these precious stones on the earth’s surface. Since that period, this natural crystal has existed, leading to its discovery.

Ambers as jewellery

These golden yellow products are known to give an elegant and attractive look no wonder most people use it as jewellery. The rings crafted from it are easy to find and powerful to put on. It stands out as both Leo and Aquarius bright gem, making it even lovelier. Usually, it is not a pebble but exists as a hard-like-crystal. You can find it available in jewellery shops sold as crystals.

Moreover, it features unique energy that echoes with tons of different people. Its electromagnetic quality builds up an electromagnetic charge. Thus, it sits on your skin perfectly for a more effective curing performance.

If you intend to purchase this natural crystal, you need to understand that it is often fragile and breaks easily when dropped. So, go for a piece of excellent quality jewellery for durability.

How to use it

The lithotherapy minerals present in these stones make it a perfect curative crystal. It is mostly worn as jewellery and gives therapeutic effects. At the same time, you will like the glossy and attractive look it bestows your body. Some people prefer keeping it inside their pockets or holding it in their hands. The main goal of doing so is to get the ultimate therapeutic effects it comes with.

To sum it all up, minerals like Amber comes as a blessing for many people with any kind of illness. Thanks to the numerous health-giving properties it boasts. They have rich quality natural oils, and anyone can use this piece of jewellery with convenience. Other than that, the crystals will provide a fantastic look that you will like. Are you looking forward to enjoying similar benefits? Well, they are readily available at a reasonable price to suit different budgets.

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