Do you want to get some fresh air while you work out?

Published on : 07 April 20222 min reading time

Spending your holidays in the mountains in winter is fun: skiing, snowboarding, etc. But when the snow disappears from the peaks, what sports can you do up there?

Here are different ways to get rid of the leftover raclette cheese from the day before.

1) Paragliding, derived from the parachute, star of the summits as soon as the good weather arrives. To be practiced with a teacher (in pairs) as it can be dangerous. The paraglider takes off thanks to an acceleration in a slope, he then uses the thermal currents to prolong or not his flight.

2) Roller skiing (for those nostalgic for winter and cross-country skiing) because yes, skiing in summer is possible! You will need a road, two poles and a pair of “roller skis”. It is practiced on tarmac or on tracks equipped for. In short, it’s like cross-country skiing but without the snow.

3) Cycling: of course you can do sports, but you don’t have to work yourself to death either. The EAB (Electronic Assisted Bike) allows you to pedal uphill without leaving one of your lungs behind. If you’re reckless, why not ride your bike as if you were taking part in the Tour de France? Sure, it’s difficult. Much too difficult for the team who would prefer, for example, to ride a mountain bike and ride down a small path.

4) Hiking: you’ll find routes especially dedicated to hikers. Walks of 3 hours or more to discover and marvel at a hidden lake removed from the roads. For the more sporty among you, there is the trail. This is practiced like running but on paths or trails over a long distance. In short, you run in the middle of nature and discover the landscape.

5) The via ferrata, meaning “railway” in Latin, mixes climbing and hiking. You progress along a rocky route equipped with ladders, cables, monkey bridges, etc. You will be able to choose a route according to your level: easy, difficult, extremely difficult.

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