Find a state-recognized coaching training course

Currently, many people are interested in training to become a professional coach. However, having this title requires several qualities, knowledge and skills. Therefore, integration in specific schools that deliver state-recognized certifications is essential to earn a good master's degree in coaching and become a certified coach. Linkup Coaching is one of the largest coaching schools in France that offer insured training modules.

Issuance of a state-recognized certificate

Over the past few years, several professional coaching training schools have surfaced. However, in order to be sure to obtain a state-recognized certification and a real master's degree in coaching, it is essential to choose the best school. If you still want to fulfill your dream of becoming a certified coach, Linkup Coaching is the only coaching training school in France to offer high value coaching specializations, a CP FFP and RNCP+7 accreditation guaranteeing the trainee to evolve in his or her career path and make it operational and professional. When the session is over, all apprentices who have passed the test will obtain a Professional Certifications certificate which will consolidate their appearance on the market in terms of notorious identifications. Equipped with a Master's degree in coaching you will be positioned hierarchically as a senior manager.

What are the objectives of the training?

The coaching training aims to guide the trainees to discover the visions of their future clients in relation to the variations of the teaching modules; to intelligently draw up training units, to prepare in turn professional coaching training that meets the expectations of their clients. In addition, this training to become a professional coach teaches the impetrant the animation of a training in a methodical way while also having a more suitable attitude; the management of the methods and the evaluation of the tools to be adopted in relation to the behaviours and capacities of the various members. When you leave this training school to become a professional coach, the state-recognized certification that you will obtain will give your future clients the guarantee of efficiency and abilities at a very high level. Through the professional certification signed by Linkup Coaching, you would have the opportunity to train all the internal coaches of the majority of the high society companies in France.

How is the training program going?

Linkup Coaching offers a professional coaching training that lasts 5 days. This school adopts a method more or less based on conceptual and functional learning which implements the following parameters: firstly, knowledge of the importance of the professional training market, i.e. the stakes of coaching within large companies. Secondly, knowing how to recognize the posture and merit of a coach trainer. Secondly, the ability to do a market study and design a training unit that will breakthrough. Adopting a technique to lead a training course, more precisely mastering the various pedagogies during a training course. Finally, to be able to accompany the members with regard to their training objectives.
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