Iran: Death penalty used as political tool

Experts feel that all executions in Iran are against human rights. That’s the reason the UN, in the past few months, urged the country to revise its laws with the aim of putting an end to the imposition of the…

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What are the advantages of a neon sign?

The neon sign remains a privileged communication medium for businesses seeking visibility with the public. It enables the image of an activity to be disseminated over the long term to boost the commercial performance of a brand. A neon sign…

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Offering roses to your lover: which roses to choose?

There are flowers that you can give as a gift to the one you love. You can refer to her preference, but if she doesn’t have one, it’s up to you to choose. The rose is used in various occasions…

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How do I get a degree in dermopigmentation?

You want to become an expert in permanent makeup? To master all the techniques, training is essential. But how do you choose your training center? What is the interest of following a training course? The training is intended for beginners…

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