Zero-defect skin

Taking the best care of your skin is a nice resolution to make this year. This means quitting smoking, eating better, resting well and eating well. While waiting for the results, here are some tips for a second-skin effect! Having a beautiful skin is something you work on every day. But while waiting for the results, we would like to hide those dark circles, red patches, spots, scars, dilated pores and other defects. We have selected for you the cream of the make up products, always tested and approved, to ensure you a flawless complexion. These products are used after cleansing your face and nourishing your skin of course.

The basics

The foundation is the most important step. It prepares the skin, allows your make-up to adhere better and last all day long. It is also crucial if you are using foundation because it will allow an even application. Choose a foundation that is gentle to your skin to avoid drying out.

The complexion

For a second-skin effect, no need to smother blemishes with a heavy foundation. Choose a light texture to avoid the masking effect, and a liquid texture because it will blend better and be easier to work with. For a good application, prefer the sponge and apply your foundation in small strokes only where necessary.

Anti-dark circles

Apply after foundation or BB/CC cream for a better result and a more luminous look. Always use a sponge and it should be a tone or two lighter than your skin. You can also apply it on your eyelids so that your shadow will look better afterwards.


The powder will unify everything. It must be the same colour as your skin so that it does not show with the neck. It is applied all over the face. It will also fix part of the makeup for a flawless complexion throughout the day.

The fixator

For the team, there is only one secret: High Definition powder from Make Up For Ever. It is applied all over the face and/or on top of the concealer to fix everything, give the skin a smooth look and a soft touch, the real miracle product. Your makeup will stay put all day long! And your second skin is ready! Don't forget to use an illuminator and a bronzing powder to structure the whole thing!
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